Forest & Woodland Association of Missouri


The Forest & Woodland Association of Missouri (FWAM) was founded in 2011 as a public advocacy voice for privately owned woodlands to promote healthy, productive and sustainable forests and trees. We are advocates, conservationists, educators and woodland owners. Our membership includes residents from all walks of life - woodland owners and non-owners, city and rural dwellers, tree farmers, loggers, conservationists, educators - anyone who cares about the health of Missouri's forests and woodlands, and wants to assure those lands receive the care and support they need.

FWAM is also the administrator for the Missouri Tree Farm System.  

The Missouri Forestkeepers Network

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The Missouri Forestkeepers Network is a forest health monitoring program with a two-fold mission: to educate Missourians about the care and management of trees and forests and to enlist volunteer support in monitoring forest health. The program was developed and is administered by the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Forest ReLeaf of Missouri.

The Missouri Forestkeepers Network’s mission is to develop a network of informed citizens working to conserve, sustain and enhance Missouri’s urban and rural forest resources through volunteerism, advocacy and management. This free program is designed to provide sound scientific information on tree care and management to Missourians. Participants are encouraged to take an active role in the care of our forests through a variety of activities and training.

Missouri Tree Farm System


The American Tree Farm System is a program for woodland owners who are committed to sustainably managing their forested property for wood, water, wildlife and recreation. Each state program is run by a diverse group of partners, such as state agencies, non-profit organizations, volunteers, foresters and landowners.

Membership is open to private woodland owners who have 10 or more acres and are willing to develop and carry out a long-range management plan to meet their objectives. There are no fees or membership dues. The cost is determined by individual landowners, who decide how much investment they wish to make in their operations.