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Missouri’s trees and forests have always been important to us. Once covering 70 percent of our state, trees continue to provide us with countless public and private benefits.

Whether they provide your means of living, lend beauty to your place of recreation or forge the character of your neighborhood, trees cannot be taken for granted. Just like us, they are susceptible to factors of disease, pollution and age. To continue enjoying its many benefits, forest health must be promoted. In Missouri, volunteers are always known to rise to a challenge, and this time, the challenge is the care of our trees. You are invited to participate in a valuable statewide volunteer forestry project.

The Missouri Forestkeepers Network is an opportunity for all Missourians–urban and rural–to get involved in understanding and gaining important information about the condition of trees and forests. By joining the network, you play an essential role in the future of Missouri’s trees and forests. Join us. Together, we can foster a state of forest health for generations to come.

Here’s how…

  • Forestkeepers is free to any interested citizen, family or group. It is your choice alone to determine your level of involvement.

  • Choose the site you or your group would like to study, Or, if you want, we can assist with site selection.

  • Complete and return the application form. You will receive a start-up kit to help you begin.

  • Additional training and projects are being developed for interested volunteers.

The Missouri Forestkeepers Network is a forest health monitoring program with a two-fold mission: to educate Missourians about the care and management of Missouri’s trees and forests and to enlist volunteer support in monitoring forest health. The program was developed and is administered by the Conservation Department and the nonprofit Forest ReLeaf of Missouri.

The Missouri Forestkeepers Network’s mission is to develop a network of informed citizens working to conserve, sustain and enhance Missouri’s urban and rural forest resources through volunteerism, advocacy and management. This free program is offered by the Missouri Department of Conservation in partnership with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri and The Forest And Woodland Association of Missouri. It is designed to provide sound scientific information on tree care and management to Missourians. Participants are encouraged to take an active role in the care of our forests through a variety of activities and training.

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