Mike Trial receiving 50-year tree farm sign.

Mike Trial receiving 50-year tree farm sign.


Fifty Years of Tree Farming, Missouri Tree Farm #188

Boone County Tree Farmer Mike Trial recently received 50-year Tree Farm certificate. Mike intensively manages 50 acres of walnut plantations that were planted by him and his father, George. Mike is currently enjoying the fruits of decades of labor.

1957 – Property purchased by George Trial

1966 – Planted 100 pine seedlings for esthetic purposes

1967 – With Consulting Forester, tested soil and laid out 50-acre Tree Farm. Planted 1,200 seedlings (mostly walnut, some pecan, pine and birch)

1968 – Certified as Tree Farm (MO-188) by the American Tree Farm System. Planted 500 walnut seedlings. Reduced fescue competition by mowing and herbicide application.

1966-1986 – George was member of the Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation District. Continue annual plantings of seedlings and mowing to control competition.

1968-Present – George and Mike maintain lifetime memberships in Missouri and National Walnut Councils.

1978 – George elected Chairman of the Missouri Walnut Council. Continue planting walnut seedlings, mowing, pruning and mulching.

1979 – George elected Chairman of the National Walnut Council. Continue annual spring plantings of walnut seedlings, weed control mowing, mulching, pruning and some thinning.

1984 – Missouri Chapter of the National Walnut Council formed. George elected first President. Continue planting seedlings, thinning and maintaining plantations.

1980-1990 – George was a member of the University of Missouri School of Forestry Advisory Board. Mike and George attend Tree Farm Conferences and other Walnut Council events.

1987 – Forestry Award from Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation District presented to George. Continue annual seedling plantings, mowing and began adding deer damage protection wire to all seedlings.

1990 – George and his wife, Nadine, elected Regional Tree Farmer of the Year by the Missouri Tree Farm Committee. Continue maintaining tree plantations and plating seedlings.

1991 – George participates in Missouri Governor’s proclamation of Black Walnut Week in Missouri. Continue planting seedlings and maintaining tree plantations.

1994 – Received 25-year Silver Tree Farm Certificate from American Tree Farm System. Continue planting approximately 50 seedlings per year. Maintain deer protection, pruning trees, reducing invasive species by mowing and herbicide application.

2002 – Tree planting compete (total of 3,400 trees in place). Continue thinning, pruning and invasive species control on all tree plantations.

2016 – First 50 logs harvested. 20 sawed into lumber and the remainder firewood.

2018 – Continue annual harvest of 50 sawlogs, reducing invasive species infiltration by mechanical removal and herbicide application. Began managing cut tree sprouts to establish second generation of walnut trees.

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